Temple Of The Sun

Ios Necklace Spinel Gold


The Ios Necklace, in polished 18K Gold Vermeil, offers an all at once ancient, yet modern allure. The protective eye symbol rests in a radiant string of faceted Black Spinel beads, suspended from a Polished Gold Rollo Chain. Black Spinel is associated with empowerment, hope and protection. Wear the Ios Necklace as an amulet of protection with the light of inspiration upon you.

Stone Properties

Black Spinel is considered a stone of protection and is believed to assist in inspiring positive thoughts, hope and confidence.

Temple Jewellery

All of our Jewellery is hand-made according to the highest quality and our craftsmen are certified to meet global standards of environmental and social responsibility. Each piece of jewellery comes in its own luxury Temple of the Sun wallet with one gift box per order.

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