By Charlotte

Gemini Necklace - Gold


Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Embrace the magic within with our zodiac necklaces, a heavenly collaboration with Spiritual Astrologer and Cosmic Guide, Amy McDermott of Sisters Village. Charged with inspiring and empowering mantras engraved on the back of each pendant, wear as a reminder that you have the power to write your own divine destiny in the stars.

For our inquisitive and enchanting Gemini, our zodiac necklace depicts a pair of symmetrical hands embracing the sun and moon. Own your duality and magnetic nature, this is your unique power. Nurture the beautiful storm in your open mind and live fearlessly with your magical mantra: My spirit is my superpower”.

Customise with your birthstone as a reminder of the love you are worthy of receiving or wear a loved one’s to warm your soul with thoughts of them.

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