By Charlotte

Capricorn Necklace - Gold


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Embrace the magic within with our zodiac necklaces, a heavenly collaboration with Spiritual Astrologer and Cosmic Guide, Amy McDermott of Sisters Village. Charged with inspiring and empowering mantras engraved on the back of each pendant, wear as a reminder that you have the power to write your own divine destiny in the stars. 

For our ambitious and determined Capricorn, our zodiac necklace depicts a wise goat growing a beautiful garden out of his horns. The love and wisdom you hold in your soul enriches all those around you. An unwavering support, you shine the brightest when helping others; nurture this pure heart with your empowering mantra: I am wise, I have everything within me”.

Customise with your birthstone as a reminder of the love you are worthy of receiving or wear a loved one’s to warm your soul with thoughts of them. 

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